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Hello - My name is John


My goal is to entertain people with my psychic intuitor gifts in parties and individual readings. My readings are presented as entertainment and fun to provide the sitter with guidance with their problems and questions. 

I do not answer health questions or diagnose any medical condition.
I also will not give any legal advice. I do not predict length of life; I do not predict lottery numbers or the stock market (if I could, I would be rich !!) 

What is Psychic Entertainment?

Simply put, a Psychic Entertainment is a entertaining short analysis of one's life: past, present, and future or the answer to a question presented by the sitter.  

I use Tarot cards and palmistry for my entertainment readings. For longer readings, I can add crystal if requested. The crystal often helps to focus the information gathered through other means to help provide answers and visions to the sitter. 
By themselves, the Tarot Cards and palmistry offer only limited, somewhat general insights into a person's psychic world. For example, the cards may indicate a move, but it is uncertain whether that move may be a change of location, movement in one's career or a move to a new consciousness. During the reading, impressions gathered from the cards are discussed to clarify what the Tarot indicates. This interpretation is the key to psychic readings. 
I use such interpretation to help the sitter and guide them to the answer. My psychic readings are plain-spoken, and straight to the point. I try to cut through the clutter and leave the client with a clear and accurate vision of the future or question.
People argue about terminology and meanings and exactly what a label (card or palm line) does or doesn't indicate or mean. So rather than get hung up on labels and their meanings, I use my  talents and abilities to put together a plain and easy to understand fun reading.

I am a Psychic Intuitor and I use all of the techniques of an intuitor to provide you and your guests with a detailed, accurate, and entertaining psychic reading.

I have studied intuitor techniques long and hard. I have studied  divination methods from Astrology to Zoroaster. I use Tarot and Palmistry because they seem to provide the clearest picture for the sitter and me. This provides for an easy to understand reading.

My readings do not just to tell you about your past, present, and future, but will explain to the sitter how to utilize tools and techniques that will help them to achieve their your goals and live a happier, healthier, more prosperous future! 

Do you do private readings? 

Yes I do private readings in your home. Please contact me to schedule a reading at your home.

Do you travel? 

I am based in the Morristown area of New Jersey. I will travel outside of the general area, but the costs associated with travel will be added to the fee.



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